Growing Your Own Food

Growing Your Own Food

growing your own foodGrowing a vegetable garden from seeds is the key to improving health and saving money at the grocery store. Studies show that growing your own vegetables improves health. If you want to grow your own vegetables, MyEcoGardens is the right place to shop. This site sells only untreated vegetable, herb seeds, sprout seeds (some are organic) and gardening tools. All our seeds are NON-GMO seeds.  We only sell untreated seeds, which means they are conventional in nature, but they have not been given the final chemical treatment just before packaging.  We provide all elements related to growing  successful eco gardens.

A note to gardeners regarding untreated seeds:  Because they are untreated, rapid seed germination and soil temperatures are important. Visit our page  on untreated seeds.

How Gardening can Change Your Life

growing your own food 2

Quality untreated vegetable seed and herb seeds and using natural products will produce better tasting vegetable and herbs from your own eco garden.  Planting your own garden, whether it is an outside garden, planters on your porch or sprouting in your kitchen, will perk the culinary senses and provide healthy meals for you and your family.  The whole quality of your life will improve.

Vegetable Organic Gardening Tips

As you look through our site you will find many helpful organic vegetable gardening tips that will aid in growing your own food and produce a wonderful natural organic garden.

Why Natural Organic Vegetables?

  • Individuals are looking for a healthier diet.
  • People of all ages are looking to have longer more meaningful life.
  • Awareness of natural organic vegetables and herbs is increasing.  

Gardening and Health

You may find yourself asking, “What can I do to be healthier”, or “How can I feed my family healthy foods without toxins”? If you are one of these people, then consider growing your own food, doing your own organic vegetable gardening using vegetable seeds,  herb seeds, 100% natural seeds, and begin vegetable organic gardening today and experience the difference!

Untreated Vegetable Seeds

growing your own food 3The key is purchasing and planting the best herb seeds and untreated vegetable seeds for your home vegetable garden. Seed quality will determine the kind of eco garden experience you will have growing your own food.